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Software Development
We provide the complete spectrum of software development services for a much ignored segment of business - the small and medium enterprise. By dove tailing business analysis & management, and the latest technologies, we develop cutting edge custom software and Web-based applications.
Backed by years of experience, impeccable expertise and a dynamic team, we deliver B2B and B2C solutions across verticals in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
The services we offer are
E-Commerce and Web-based applications
We offer a whole gamut of business communication solutions that are as broad as they are wide, in scope, and in impact. We offer advanced e-commerce solutions that cater to all the high-traffic B2B and B2C needs with requisite scalabilities for today's dynamic websites.
Custom Software Development
We develop solutions that are custom made to your specific needs. We help you streamline business processes and eliminate bottlenecks, which in turn reflect very positively on time and resource spends.
We deliver solutions to you using an offshore model where, we develop solutions through a highly evolved team based in India. This model helps us extend solutions to you at low costs, while maintaining the highest of quality standards.
Our Approach
As a process driven organization, we approach every project in a well-defined, proven and efficient manner.
We analyze a project, define its goals, and plan a detail roadmap to achieve those goals. We follow a rigorous and proven methodology of defining, designing and developing software projects.
Development Process
  • Initial Planning
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Design and Development
  • Implementation
  • Testing and integration
  • Acceptance Test
  • Release
  • System and Software Maintenance
Versant Technologies Advantage
Here is why we are your ideal partners for your custom software and Web-based development needs.
  • Unmatched expertise in the technology domain
  • Relentless focus on the process, to deliver dependable results
  • An offshore model cuts your costs and time
  • A proven track record of delivering the best in class solutions
Versant Technologies Offers:
Off Shore
Long before it became a market trend, Versant Technologies saw the value that could be unleashed by combining home grown market knowledge and deep vertical industry expertise with the pure elasticity of outsourcing. Our facilities in India enable us to provide high-quality and cost-effective services for our clients.
Off Site
We offer discounted rates to do the same project work remotely. Initially the mappers will work closely with you and your trading partners at your site, and then they'll do the remaining work off-site. Once completed, we deliver the final map to you once it has been tested and approved by you.
On Site
By implementing Versant Technologies on-site EDI outsourcing support, you'll have an individual working closely with your staff. We'll connect our solutions to your processes. Versant Technologies can provide EDI assistance at our customer's facilities on either a full-time or as-needed basis. If you're running a complex EDI environment, on-site technical support may be the perfect solution for your company.