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cBizOneIndia is an affordable recruitment solution for Staffing/Corporate firms. Customized to the Indian market needs, it is a comprehensive and powerful HR tool. So much that cBizOne the American version of cBizOneIndia - has been consistently (2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008) ranked among the top 10 recruitment solutions in the USA by The Electronic Data Exchange
cBizOneIndia is a web-enabled client-server application, where your data resides securely on your network. And gives you a whole lot more than a better organized HR effort. It combines the features and functionality of Applicant Tracking, Customer Relationship Management, Professional Services Automation, Sales Force Automation, Reporting, Scheduling and Email Management into one powerful and affordable solution, which can both be used as a stand-alone application or in a multi-user environment.
The first and most noticeable difference the solution will give you is the increase in productivity, which ranges from 50% to 200%. It increases revenues while keeping costs under your thumb.
cBizOneIndia can be customized to meet your specific vertical's business' needs and is preconfigured with full functionality for the following verticals:
  • Contract and/or Permanent Staffing
  • IT, Medical, Healthcare, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, etc.
  • US/Canada or Europe
cBizOneIndia adapts to your business needs, and not vice-versa.
Visit us at to learn more about cBizOneIndia.