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EDI / EAI Practice
We perform cost/benefit analysis and make recommendations on the implementation of a solution that works best for YOUR business, without alienating your suppliers. We offer organizations our broad implementation experience with best-of-breed EDI software platforms including:
TIBCO is a well recognized industry leader providing Enterprise Application Integration middleware. TIBCO products include Business Works and a suite of Adapters and messaging products. These products allow applications, databases, and mainframes to interact with each other because routing and data transformation are configurable.
TIBCO makes integration server software for enterprises. An integration server allows a company to mix packaged applications, custom software, and legacy software for use across internal and external networks. TIBCO's patented approach is called Information Bus (TIB) and TIBCO says that it has been used in financial services, telecommunications, electronic commerce, transportation, manufacturing, and energy. TIBCO competes with SeeBeyond, Vitria, and webMethods among others.
Translator Support
Data Mapping
Application Integration
How Do I Start?
This service includes an analysis of the data transmission volume and number of trading partners in order to decide which method of communication will be most effective
We support all methods including direct connections, such as AS2 and FTP, as well as the traditional Value Added Networks (VANS)
In addition, during this phase, an analysis of the volume and utilization pattern is performed to determine the best method and/or VAN to be utilized and the best plan that suits each customer's needs
After a particular method has been selected, our staff will proceed with the setup and configuration of the EDI mailboxes and/or direct connections, and the completion of the corresponding communications testing.
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