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EDI / EAI Practice
Differences in ERPs, technology platforms and geographies often constrict the flow of information between suppliers, customers, and trading partners. Enabling smoother flow of this information reflects positively across the value chain, right from process efficiencies and resource spends to time and cost.
EDI and EAI are technologies that work at these interfaces to streamline and automate the flow of information between systems.
Some of the benefits EDI/EAI brings to the table are:
Reduction in costs, processing time, and errors through automated processing of purchase orders, shipments, invoices and payments.
Synchronization of price, product, and promotion information between trading partners and reduction of disputes.
Improvement in collaboration and visibility across the value chain.
EDI Doc's are compliance checked against standards, but not with government.
EAI-EDI Development
At Versant Technologies, we have a long and strong history of EDI/EAI development and deployment. Our understanding of B2B Integration and EAI applications coupled with cost efficient use of business transaction integration has made us the preferred partners for implementation services of many fortunes.
Driven by a strong knowledge base, experience and an impeccable track record, our EDI/EAI solutions compare to the best in the world. And the reason why it continues to be our biggest focuses area at Versant Technologies.