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Voice of Employee
Voice of Employee
Sonal Srivastava
  Versant Technologies is all about being one large family, pursuing excellence with fun, work-life balance. It's a fact that it does what it says and it says what it does. Our career could take us in many directions and into many different settings. The question is: Where do we want want to go? Working with Versant Technologies is a great pleasure. I have learnt so many things here and have added some valuable traits to my personality, the best out of that is Confidence & extrovert ness. In Versant Technologies, every new day comes up with a new challenge. Job Satisfaction, Growth, Great Work Culture, Respect is all what I have got here. I must say I am really fortunate to work for such an Organization. I am looking forward to "GROW WITH THE LEADER" and many more successful years with this family."
Kranti Prabhu
  Pleasure in the job puts perfection at work, which is completely applicable here". The daily work pressure and challenges vanished away with great mentors, colleagues, and an excellent work culture that Versant Technologies provides. I have learnt a lot from my time spent with Versant Technologies, not just on the professional front but personally too. . It's a place where I can reach any heights, as long as I work hard."
Vijay Bhaskar K
  I enjoy being a Versant Technologies employee because... I feel I am appreciated. I enjoy working for a company that recognizes me as "a real person and not just a number."
Vishnu Murthy S
  Two years have passed since I started to work in a department called Product Marketing with responsibility for cBizOneIndia Customization and SQL Programming. When I was job-hunting, I was looking for a company, which would bring me the opportunities to work with people from all over the world, as well as to use my mind. I had several options to take interviews, and Versant Technologies was the second company. 'This company must be the best fit for me' - this was my first impression in the interview. Versant attitude towards employs, which was very flexible as well as placing value on the individual personality, gave me a strong impression, and after two years, this feeling still remains. Moreover, here we can decide by ourselves, which was much above my expectations. In future, I would like to work applying more knowledge corresponding to my tasks, and I would like to work in an environment that requires me to make full use of my experience in Versant Technologies, as well as my intercultural competence."
Chetan Singh Pitamber
  It’s been a year since I started working with Versant and it has been a wonderful experience. It’s a place where you are free to express your ideas and implement them, where you enjoy working because every day you get to learn something new. Versant encourages new talent which many are hesitant to do, but It understands the efficiency and dedication that a fresh mind can deliver. Versant always keeps a pulse on employee needs, nourishes culture, builds relationships and retains the Top talent. I feel lucky working for such an esteemed company and we call it Versant Family."
Yamini Jillelamudi
  Versant is the company where I started my career as a software engineer and as a fresher, it has just been an year since I started working and realized that its a place where fresh talent is encouraged and are given opportunity to prove themselves. Employees are not only encouraged towards work but even towards learning skills which will give them an edge over others."
Santi Swaroop Ippili
  Generations to be, Visualization, Focus, Commitment…
VERSANT; Get the true meaning literally and dramatically. Observe the slope of a mountain; choose the side of mountain to reach your desired altitude. Honestly, I love working for Versant Technologies."
Balakrishna N
  Expertise knowledge, Outstanding Deliverable, Motivating Management is always a Key to success and so is Versant Technologies a Key to career"
Sudha Pollisetty
  As an employee, I am proud to be working in professional atmosphere, where quality centric work culture and commitment combine with a good work ethic. Opportunities for advancement and focus on continuous improvement in personal and organizational aspects make it pleasure to work here. An open minded environment makes working easy and interesting and leads to a lot of respect towards to everybody."
Samarjit Sen
  Since it is my first job as an employee at Versant Technologies, I am really overwhelmed to be a part of this company as Versant has given me the opportunity to express my talent and come up and grow as a perfect professional. The one thing that gives me the pleasure to work in this company is the employee - Manager relation which I personally think is really appreciating which gives an employee some kind of  space to express his/her opinions as every employee of this company has a down to earth nature. The management is always alert when it comes to company standards and policies especially the clarity of work and the work atmosphere and also the support of the HR department which is worth appreciating. I m proud to say that I have learned a lot in this 10 months of my career which in turn has boosted up my confidence level and polished my technical skills a lot. I really thank my team mates and my managers for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work with them."
The caption that I would love to put up for Versant Technologies from the bottom of my heart is
Nazia Farheen
  To me, important aspects of choosing a company to work for are: to be able to continuously learn technical skills, to feel comfortable working with team members, and to help me to be "special".

The more I learnt about the company through the interview process, the more I was attracted not only by the company's business, but also by its corporate culture.
My current aim is to come up with beneficial solutions more proactively to contribute to management decisions. Therefore, first of all, I want to deepen my technical knowledge and skills in operation, and to make full use of the acquired skills and knowledge.

The main factor in choosing to work for Versant Technologies was the outlook that the company has towards sustainable development.

It is essential that all employees do their best and develop their abilities to achieve success.

I would like to challenge myself and develop my competencies and skills even further